C# Hot Swapping Engine for Unity

CodeFiCS Alpha is live!

What is CodeFiCS?

CodeFiCS is a tool for hot swapping C# code in Unity apps. No longer will you need to wait for builds to test your changes. With CodeFiCS, you can see results of your changes just moments after writing them. Change a value of a field, add a new class, alter a method, change a single file or the entire project – all instantly and seamlessly!


Why CodeFiCS?


Plug and Play

CodeFiCS was designed to be easily integrable into any project. Just add a package and you're good to go!


Works anywhere

No matter what platform you're using, CodeFiCS can help you save time. PC, mobile, console, Mono, IL2CPP – it just works!


Highly configurable

Not all projects are created equal – each one requires something just a little bit different. That is why CodeFiCS comes with a variety of settings to help you fine-tune it for your specific needs.



C# code hotswapping

Change a file and instantly see those changes reflected in a running application


State preservation

Altering your code will not reset the state of the application – there is no need to wait on loading screens and navigate menus. Change the code, keep the data!


IL2CPP support

CodeFiCS fully supports IL2CPP builds, allowing you to use its benefits on any device


IDE Integration

CodeFiCS includes plugins for a number of C# IDEs, including Visual Studio and Rider, to allow for a seamless development experience. Your favorite IDE just became even more powerful!


Remote hotswapping

Connect to a CodeFiCS-enabled application on your computer, console, phone or in a cloud


Scripting engine

CodeFiCS allows you to run custom scripts at runtime to help you debug issues faster. Check a value of a field, call a method or set a property



Encrypt code as it travels to your application. Convenience shouldn't come at the cost of security



We write every line of code with performance in mind. That is why hot swapping code can take as little as 10ms


Low memory footprint

CodeFiCS uses as little as 5MB of RAM in an application. Your memory budget is not just your concern


Individual plan

US$10 monthly per seat
US$110 yearly per seat
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Professional plan

US$20 monthly per seat
US$220 yearly per seat
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For organizations with annual revenue of USD$100,000+

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